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Mole Ottoman

by Sergio Rodrigues, 1958

Reference: #00001300

The 'Mole' ottoman accompanies Sergio Rodrigues' most iconic design, the 'Mole' armchair (meaning "soft" in Portuguese). Designed in 1961, the 'Mole' pieces are comprised of a solid rounded wood frame, adjustable leather support straps and a floppy, over•sized luxurious leather cushion. Robust and extremely comfortable, the 'Mole' sparked an international design trend that favored comfort, and a new attention to scale, over the rigid and antiseptic concurrent design trends, as it was awarded first prize at the IV Furniture Bienal in Italy.

• Base structure available in four variations of beech wood or imbuia wood
• Upholstery offered in a variety of fabrics, leather, COM/COL
• Made to order

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Fabric (SR-F 2)
Fabric (SR-F 3)
Fabric (SR-F 4)
Fabric (SR-F 5)
Fabric (SR-F 1)


Leather (SR-L1)
Leather (SR-L2)
Leather (SR-L3)
Leather (SR-L4)
Leather (SR-L6)


Wood (Beech 01)
Wood (Beech 02)
Wood (Beech 03)
Wood (Beech 05)
Wood (Imbuia )

Colors shown are only indicative and may not be an accurate representation of the finishing due to variations in system/s used and/or display settings.


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