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Fernando Mendes


In an atelier in the traditional São Cristóvão neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Fernando Mendes’ practice flourishes as his supreme craftsmanship and love of wood are utilized not only to produce his comfortable high-end pieces, but also as sources of inspiration for the concept of his designs.

With degrees in Industrial Design and Architecture, Mendes worked closely with master Sergio Rodrigues (also his uncle) for 7 years, where together they developed new systems of woodwork, projected new furniture designs and re-edited some of Rodrigues’ classic pieces from the past.

Since 2002, Mendes dedicates his practice to the design of an exclusive line of furniture, pristine in their fabrication and materials, that equalizes his artisanal craft to his vast intellectual background. The result is a sophisticated collection that seeks comfort, beauty and joy and is evident of the legacy and lineage of Brazilian woodwork, materials and design, while truly contemporary in Mendes’s approach and singular sensibility.

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