Toto Bar

Isay Weinfeld, 2006

Product ID: 00041


"Toto" bar cart in freijó wood encased in stainless steel, containing wooden boxes in cedar, freijó, ipê and tauari wood. Leather "leash" allows piece to be moved. Awarded "Linha de Móveis - Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil" prize in 2006. Part of the Etel collection.



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Natural Freijo

Scientific name

Codria goeldiana, Boraginaceae

Common names

Freijó, Frei-Jorge, Louro-pardo, Louro-amarelo and Louro-da-serra, Freijó-branco, Freijó-preto, Freijó-rajado, Freijó-verdadeiro and Cordia preta.


Freijó consists of a straight almost perfectly cylindrical trunk with a commercial height of 7 to 26 meters and diameter from 45 to 61 centimeters. Although for commercial purposes it will not surpass 26 meters, in areas of optimum growth, the Freijó tree can reach up to 40 meters in height and 90 centimeters in diameter.


The heartwood has a yellowish-gray or even a chestnut brown-hued light-grayy color, in either a uniform manner or with faint parallel darker stripes and on rare occasions a rosy tone can be found. The sapwood has a gray or grayish white color ranging from 1.5 to 5 centimeters. It is generally straight grained with a glossy surface that is moderately rough to the touch.