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Arthur Casas


Since the 1980s Arthur Casas has become one of the most prolific and innovative architects to come out of Brazil. Casas has working studios in both Sao Paulo and New York with work spreading from Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo to Buenos Aires, and more.

Sao Paulo, Arthur Casas' birthplace, has instilled in him his cosmopolitan spirit and the will to look outwards and embrace the design world. This ethos can be seen within Casas' work, which is defined by his indistinguishable and ever-changing designs. As an architect, Casas was unique in his indifference to define and classify, which resulted in him constantly evolving his architectural and design style.

Casas believes architecture and household design are inextricably linked. Casas can only see the meaning of the spaces he designs if he can comprehend the furniture that was designed or chosen for them. Casas is an artisanal craftsman with his furniture designs suppressing all unnecessary details. His designs move towards nature and handicraft pieces and away from industrialization. He brings forward the mid-century modern aesthetic, while referencing the rich Brazilian wood making tradition. This results in unique and contemporary pieces of furniture full of character while still adhering to a strong ethical standpoint.

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