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Brasiliana Armchair

by Jorge Zalszupin

This vintage Brasiliana armchair were designed in 1965 by Jorge Zalszupin as an homage to Brasilia - the recently founded Brazilian capital at the time. The armchair has a jacaranda wood structure and wooden carved upholstery buttons, voluminous cushions, bolster pillow and brass hardware. The precision wooden curvature a the corners and the custom…


Menna Dining Chair

by Sergio Rodrigues

Originally designed in 1978, the "Menna" chair embodies Sergio Rodrigues' distinctive, humorous aesthetic. When asked about the circle cut-out on the chair's headrest, Rodrigues replied that it is meant to loop through ladies' ponytails while seated to maximize comfort. - Base structure made of natural freijó wood - Seat and back available in natural…


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