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Crua I Art

by Eliseu Cavalcante

Reference: #00002177

Limited edition of 5 +1AP.

Crua I and Crua II prints are part of a project called Natutama, which means "The world under water" in Ticuna, a language spoken by approximately 40,000 people in Brazil, Peru and Colombia. This photo project wasn't developed in a journalistic nature, but as a visual experience of a different Amazon than most people imagine. The photographer, Eliseu Cavalcante, traveled 2,500 miles by riverboat down the Amazon River and its tributaries to capture the life of the people who live on its shores. Cavalcante wanted to show its human element, many picture the Amazon as an exotic jungle where animals outnumber humans. But development especially as the population grows in the Amazon region, is an important reality, and one that cannot be ignored in conservation efforts.

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