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Burton Dining Table

by Sergio Rodrigues, 1958

Reference: #00001585

The name of the table is a tribute to his longtime friend, Michel Burton. In the early years of furniture creation Sergio Rodrigues already manifested great skill in the treatment of forms and the unexpected use of materials. With the Burton table, we can imagine Sergio dismantling a sailboat model to recompose the pieces that will take the form of a table. The chrome brass tie rods give the composition a special grace and are the structural elements that guarantee the stability of the table.

• Base structure available in natural or stained freijo wood
• Made to Order

in | cm


Wood (Natural Freijo)
Wood (Stained Freijo 1)
Wood (Stained Freijo 2)
Wood (Stained Freijo Ebonized)

Colors shown are only indicative and may not be an accurate representation of the finishing due to variations in system/s used and/or display settings.


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