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Astania Bar Stool

by Etel Carmona, 2010

Reference: #00001044

The Astania bar stool draws on inspiration from the captivating simplicity of the countryside of the Brazlian state Minas Gerais. Like the Astania chair, this piece is recognized for its versatility; it can compliment a variety of spaces and play with different moods, emphasized through the different aesthetic and material choices available.

• Base structure made of natural, stained or ebonized freijó wood
• Available in a variety of colors
• Available in counter height and bar height
• Upholstery offered in a variety of leathers and COL
• Part of Etel collection
• Made to order

in | cm


Wood (Stained Freijo - Blue)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Dark Gray)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Gray)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Green)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Light Gray)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Mustard)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Orange)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Purple)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Red)
Wood (Stained Freijo - Navy Blue)
Wood (Natural Freijo)
Wood (Stained Freijo Ebonized)

Colors shown are only indicative and may not be an accurate representation of the finishing due to variations in system/s used and/or display settings.


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