JZ Tea Trolley

Jorge Zalszupin, 1959

Product ID: 00275


A Brazilian Modernist classic, the 'JZ' was designed in the 1950s by Jorge Zalszupin. Its pair of slender but oversized brass wheels dramatically play off the triangle-sided bottom shelf; the tray on top is removable.



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Honey Imbuia

Scientific name

Ocotea Porosia, Lauraceae

Common names

Imbuia, also known as Canela-Imbuia, Imbuia-Amarela, Imbuia-Brazina, Imbuia-Clara, imbuia-Parda, Imbuia Rajada, Imbuia Preta, Umbuia and Brazilian Walnut. Ocotea catharinesis (canela-preta) and Cinnamomum Vesiculosm, are two species from southern Brazil that present similar characteristics.


Imbuia trees will normally reach a height ranging from 15 to 40 meters and will have a diameter of 50 to 150 centimeters. The tree trunk is has a rough texture and becomes twisted when growing, because of that the canopy ends up spreading and widening.


The heart of the wood can vary considerably, ranging from yellowish light-gray to a reddish dark-gray. It is also normal to find a presence of darker veins on the trunk, being either wavy or parallel. However, the grain is normally straight and in some rare occasions it may become wavy. Imbuia has an irregular lustrous smooth surface, a pleasant odor and a bitter, astringent taste.