Petalas Coffee Table

Jorge Zalszupin, 1962

Product ID: 01054


Originally designed in the 1960’s the octagonal Petalas coffee table was inspired by the folded paper structures of origami, and originally reutilized the leftover pieces from another of Zalszupin's table - the Andorinha - for its fabrication. With its elegant curved wood making up its minimal and striking form, the Petalas is a Brazilian mid-century classic reissued for the first time since its original launch.



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Pau Ferro

Scientific name

Machaerium scleroxylon Tul. Fabaceae

Common names

Pau-Ferro, Cabiúna, Cabiúna-Vermelha, Caviúna, Caviúna-Rajada, Jacarandá-Caviúna, Jacarandá-da-Caatinga, Iron Wood.


A moderately heavy wood, with light-red color, fine texture and straight grain; indistinct taste with a pleasant scent.