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AM Table Lighting

by Claudia Moreira Salles, 2015

Reference: #00002046

Limited Edition of 25

• Available Edition #4, purple niobium and Riga pine wood

Sintonia Fina is a limited edition series of table, floor and ceiling lamps. The pieces are made of reclaimed wood, copper, niobium • a rare mineral found in Brazil and used mainly in alloys to strengthen steel.

The niobium parts of the lamps are made from sheets of the pure mineral and submitted to a controlled electrolysis process resulting in a surface with a large spectrum of colors without the use of pigments. The result is different from any other stained or painted material. The wood bases come from pieces that were once architectural beams, rafters, and doorsills. Copper tubes are used to connect parts while bringing a warm touch to the lamps.

The design of the Sintonia Fina series explores the contrast between straight thin lines and rounded shapes, warm and cold materials and the delicate balance of the niobium bowls on the copper stems.

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Niobium (Green Niobium)
Niobium (Purple Niobium)
Niobium (Blue Niobium)
Niobium (Natural Niobium)
Niobium (Gold Niobium)


Wood (GF - Ipe)
Wood (GF - Pinho de Riga)
Wood (GF- Peroba do Campo)

Colors shown are only indicative and may not be an accurate representation of the finishing due to variations in system/s used and/or display settings.


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