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Grude Lounge Armchair

by Fernando Mendes, 2011

Reference: #00001797

A more recent design by Fernando Mendes, the Grude armchair fuses artisanal and contemporary carpentry techniques, resulting in an ultra•comfortable, statement armchair. With its name translating to ‘glued to someone,' Mendes fittingly presents a snug loveseat. Its name also refers to the numerous strips of laminated wood that comprise the design of the chair.

• Base structure made of laminated wood
• Upholstery offered in four leather options
• Made to order

in | cm


Leather (SR-L2)
Leather (SR-L3)
Leather (SR-L4)
Leather (SR-L6)

Colors shown are only indicative and may not be an accurate representation of the finishing due to variations in system/s used and/or display settings.


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