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Domino Bench

by Claudia Moreira Salles, 2011

Reference: #00001570

Inspired by the minimal and iconic "Barcelona" sofa by Mies Van de Rohe, Claudia Moreira Salles’ "Dominó" bench’s lightweight metallic base elegantly contrasts its solid wood seat and dividing wooden roll. Dynamic in its play between lightness and weight, along with positive and negative space, the "Dominó" seat featuring ergonomic hand•carved puddles, allowing comfort and visual appeal.

• Base structure made of natural or stained american walnut
• Stainless steel legs
• Made to order

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Wood (American Walnut - Lacquer)
Wood (American Walnut - Stained Lacquer)

Colors shown are only indicative and may not be an accurate representation of the finishing due to variations in system/s used and/or display settings.


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