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W Magazine – Joaquim Tenreiro’s vintage pieces at Gordon VeneKlasen’s NY House

W Magazine’s toured art dealer Gordon VeneKlasen’s red brick row house in NY’s Greenwich Village, in their Interiors column.  The decor of the place, in a true collector’s fashion, mixes Ming-dynasty ivory, religious reliquaries and contemporary art, as the furnshings themselves also exemplifies VeneKlasen’s attuned eye for truly exquisite items, as seen in the numerous vintage pieces by Joaquim Tenreiro – coffee tables, dining chairs and dining table – that grace VeneKlasen’s living areas.  Portugal-born Tenreiro immigrated to Brazil at the age of 22, where in the 1940’s he founded his own furniture-making shop, where he rediscovered various raw materials that had been overlooked in Brazil, like rattan cane and Jacaranda wood, creating what we now know as modern Brazilian furniture.  A forerunner, in the truest sense of the word, Tenreiro’s pieces have become highly collectible.  Check out some of Tenreiro’s original vintage pieces, available at ESPASSO here, and the full W Magazine article here.

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