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‘Trama’ line by Jacqueline Terpins

Jacqueline Terpins is a São Paulo-based artist and designer who has exhibited extensively in Brazil and abroad. With a background in multiple disciplines, such as glass blowing, industrial design and fine arts, Terpins has been commissioned to develop various design objects – perfume bottles, trophies, furniture – with an innovative and elegant approach.

Joining forces with renowned design firm Riva, Terpins developed the Trama line utilizing stainless steel and dark glass – emblematic of Riva’s designs – to compose two elegant trays – square or rectangular – the Trama tea pot and the Trama Tea & Coffee set – which includes a round tray, tea pot, coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl.

In stock and available at ESPASSO’s newly launched online store, the Trama home accessories line blurs the line between beauty and function, simultaneously conjuring art deco and futuristic designs and captivating in its unique, contemporary and sophisticated appeal.

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