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The New York Times – All Angles and Curves: New Furniture Re-edition by Oscar Niemeyer and Jorge Zalszupin

Stephen Milioti announced the much anticipated ESPASSO launch of new furniture re-editions signed by Oscar Niemeyer and Jorge Zalsuzpin, on today’s Currents section of the New York Times.  To celebrate the launch, ESPASSO will be opening the exhibition Compasso, on May 14th, introducing for the first time in the US pieces by the two masters who were integral in forming a Brazilian modernist identity. Included within the 20+ pieces to be launched and exhibited is Niemeyer’s spectacular Rio rocking chaise, made from lacquered wood and caning, whose curvilinear lines is a wonder to marvel, and exemplary of Niemeyer’s lyrical forms.  “It is not the right angle that attracts me. Nor the straight line. Rigid. Inflexible. Man made. What attracts me is the free and sensuous line. The curves I see in my country’s mountains.  In the sinuous course of its rivers.  In the clouds.  In the body of my beloved woman. The universe is made of curves. The curved universe of Einstein.” – Oscar Niemeyer.  More info on the Compasso exhibition here.

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