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Exclusive new ‘CJ1″ line designed by Carlos Motta

On Wednesday, September 12, ESPASSO debuted the exhibition ESPASSO+Motta where the new “CJ1” pieces designed by Carlos Motta were launched.

The CJ1 is the first exclusive line Atelier Carlos Motta has ever created for an international showroom. It features simple yet refined pieces that prioritize outstanding comfort and craftsmanship and embody the designer’s effortlessly refined aesthetic. Pieces include a lounge armchair, dining armchair, dining chair, dining table, sofa, and coffee table, all handmade in solid wood, refined metal, and luxurious cushioning with a clean and sophisticated aesthetic concept. Motta expertly blended wood and metal in the collection’s tables and dining chairs for a seamless, intricate design.

“We are extremely excited to premiere ESPASSO+Motta, a truly special furniture line that is the fruit of a long, successful friendship between Atelier Carlos Motta and ESPASSO,” said Carlos Junqueira, founder of ESPASSO. “Motta is a brilliant artist whose work embodies the evolution and emotion of contemporary Brazilian design. Celebrating pieces such as these, which so perfectly bridge the gap between our history and today, are precisely why I created ESPASSO.”

“I am honored to debut ESPASSO+Motta for an international audience. Developing this collection was an incredible process for me because it is the natural progression of my relationship with Carlos Junqueira and ESPASSO. The collection carries the identity of our relationship. It has Brazilian DNA,” said Motta.

ESPASSO+Motta appeals to a diverse, international clientele while maintaining the core values and elements of Brazilian identity, impeccable craftsmanship, and sophistication that both Motta and ESPASSO are sought for.

The exhibition ESPASSO+Motta featuring the new line as well as some of the most iconic pieces designed by Carlos Motta will be open until October 5 at ESPASSO Annex.

186 Franklin St.
Mon-Fri from 10am to 6pm

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