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The Good Life Magazine – The Good Design: Brasil, Brasil, Brasil!

The current issue of French design and lifestyle magazine The Good Life dedicated an article in their Good Design column, to the history and resurfacing of modern and contemporary Brazilian design.  Starting with an overview of the founders of modern Brazilian design, and a highlight of an iconic piece of furniture from each of  their oeuvre – such as Sergio Rodrigues’ Mole armchair, Paulo Mendes da Rocha’s Paulistano armchair, the Bowl chair by Lina Bo Bardi, Oscar Niemeyer’s Rio rocking chaise and Jorge Zalszupin‘s Veronica armchair.  The article also highlights some celebrated names in contemporary design and architecture: Claudia Moreira Salles, Carlos Motta, Arthur Casas, Hugo França, Isay Weinfeld  and Marcio Kogan, and a round-up of some of the contemporary editors and curators who presently reissue and craft Brazilian design, such as designer and entrepreneur Etel Carmona, whose esteemed São Paulo-based ateliers reissue classic pieces by Zalszupin and Niemeyer, among works by other influential Brazilian modernists, as well as producing the high-end furniture lines of Weinfeld, Salles, Casas and Motta.

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