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Roberto Burle Marx at Rooster Gallery


Considered one of the most influential landscape architects of the 20th Century, Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994) has produced many interdisciplinary works, which push the boundaries of his vision into various genres.  From January 26th to March 4th, Lower East Side’s … Continue reading

A Música Segundo Tom Jobim


Recently released in Brazil, the feature A Música Segundo Tom Jobim partners award winning film director and precursor of  Cinema Novo, Nelson Pereira dos Santos with  filmmaker Dora Jobim, Tom Jobim’s granddaughter. The film is solely compiled of past live … Continue reading

‘Rio’ chair by Carlos Motta


Thirty years after Carlos Motta designed the São Paulo chair, a ubiquitous find in interiors all over Brazil, Motta introduces his newest design, the Rio chair.  Inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s “sweetness, beauty, salty air, colonial buildings and its inhabitant’s … Continue reading



During Absolut Vodka’s branding trip around the world, the spirit brand launched a special limited edition bottle of ABSOLUT RIO, designed by Oskar Metsavaht, creative director of the Brazilian fashion house, Osklen. To promote ABSOLUT RIO, Metsavaht also produced a larger … Continue reading


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