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Fort Street Studio at ESPASSO NY


We have just received a beautiful and luxurious hand knotted wild silk carpet from our good friends at Fort Street Studio. Named the ‘Bracket’, the carpet  perfectly frames and complements Jorge Zalszupin‘s classic Petalas coffee table, and a selection of … Continue reading

Carlos Motta and the use of reclaimed wood


Sustainability, ecological responsibility and conservation are crucial concerns in contemporary design, especially in wood production. Brazilian art and design have traditionally engaged with the re-appropriation of materials and ideas as resource for its cultural production.  In this canon, an innovative … Continue reading

‘Rio’ chair by Carlos Motta


Thirty years after Carlos Motta designed the São Paulo chair, a ubiquitous find in interiors all over Brazil, Motta introduces his newest design, the Rio chair.  Inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s “sweetness, beauty, salty air, colonial buildings and its inhabitant’s … Continue reading


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