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Spotlight on Jean Gillon

Romanian born Jean Gillon (1919 – 2007) immigrated to Brazil in 1956 where he identified local materials and techniques, expanding his vocabulary as a designer.  Starting the reputable Italma Wood Art in 1958, Gillon’s practice epitomizes Brazilian mid-century design by his combining of traditional and modern strategies to produce furniture, textiles and housewares – cachepots, dishes, flatware, buckets, humidors, pipe racks etc.- beautifully carved out of native Jacaranda wood.  Taking cues from the aesthetics and techniques from Brazilian fishermen, Gillon’s most iconic pieces, such as the Jangada – a type of fishing raft – and the Amozonas armchair, employ Jacaranda wood and netted rope whimsically proposing the chair as a sailing vessel.  On view at ESPASSO NY are a pair of the Amazonas armchairs and a collection of Gillon’s Jacaranda housewares.

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