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Sergio Rodrigues 1927 – 2014

Sergio Rodrigues’ passing in Rio de Janeiro earlier this week resulted in an international outpouring of news and mentions.  Known as ‘the father of Brazilian modern design’, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun, Washington Post and other main American and international news heralded the architect designer, calling attention to the innovation and influence of his work and vision, highlighting  the Mole armchair as the most iconic piece of his oeuvre, which won first prize at the international furniture competition in Cantu, Italy, in 1961. At the time declared by Arne Jacobson as “the only model with up-to-date characteristics… not influenced by passing whims, and absolutely representative of its region of origin” cites Mark C.O’Flaherty on the Civilian, the Mole was included in the collection of MoMA, NY, in the 1970’s.  Asked by the New York Times, ESPASSO’s Carlos Junqueira weighs in: “You know he is called the father of Brazilian design… Before him there was no importance given to furniture design in Brazil. He was the first to whom people looked for inspiration.”

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