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Ser Estar – Sergio Rodrigues exhibition in Sao Paulo

Itaú Cultural Institute in São Paulo opened today, in partnership with Instituto Sergio Rodrigues, the exhibition “Ser Estar – Sergio Rodrigues”, which pays homage to the Brazilian architect and designer that became internationally known for his iconic Mole armchair. The purpose of this incredibly comprehensive exhibition is to present the various aspects of his work beyond the armchair that became a key reference when speaking about the designer.

Curated by Daniela Thomas, Mari Stockler, Felipe Tassara, and Fernando Mendes, the exhibition evokes the essence of Rodrigues’ work. The designer’s professional trajectory is presented and defined by Sergio’s concern in creating objects and spaces while prioritizing comfort and warmth.

Furniture, maquettes, drawings, and plans of more than 60 years of the designer’s career are displayed among three floors of the institute. Everything is presented by the voice of Rodrigues himself through different excerpts, speeches, and interviews displayed on the walls. Visitors will notice a relaxed tone while Sergio delightedly demonstrates his care and appreciation for architecture and for genuine Brazilian raw materials and furniture.

The exhibition proposes to present the extension of his work by organizing the space according to the different moments of his personal life and career.

The ground floor presents stories and studies about some of his famous pieces of furniture and displays of the pieces themselves — some of them being the Mocho stool,  Mole, Chifruda, and Benjamin armchairs. The latter being the last piece ever designed by Sergio.

The first floor proposes an in-depth look at his extensive work as an architect, presenting the SR2 — his system of pre-fabricated houses — as well as stories, maquettes, and plans for some of the work he has completed with this method, such as the Iate Clube in Brasília, his residence, and office in Rio.

Lastly, his history and family are also presented through photos, paintings, letters and other objects showing his architectural and interior design influences and foundation.

Dates and Hours

Saturday, June 9 to Sunday, August 5

Tuesday’s and Friday’s from 9 AM to 8 PM

Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 11 AM to 8 PM

Avenida Paulista, 149 – São Paulo/Brazil

Photo courtesy: Denise Andrade / Itaú Cultural

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