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‘Reflector’ exhibition opens at ESPASSO Annex

Aiming to introduce the New York audience to a more experimental and younger facet of its program, ESPASSO Annex / Luciana Brito – NY Project are pleased to announce the opening of its new exhibition, “Reflector” (From March 7th- April 6th, 2018).

According to the proposal of Espasso Annex/ Luciana Brito – NY Project – a partnership between Carlos Junqueira and Luciana Brito that aims to explore the convergences between design and art from an international perspective–, the show includes design pieces signed by contemporary authors, such as Carlos Motta, Claudia Moreira Salles, and Zanini de Zanine, as well as vintage pieces by Martin Eisler, Oscar Niemeyer, Sergio Rodrigues, Jose Zanine Caldas, and Jorge Zalszupin.

The group show establishes a dialog between three young represented artists from Sao Paulo –Pedro Caetano (b. 1979), Rafael Carneiro (b. 1985), and Tiago Tebet (b. 1986)– and a selection of artists from the same generation who are based in New York City: Brazilian Gustavo Prado (b. 1981, Sao Paulo), North-American Nicole Wittenberg (b. 1979, San Francisco), Israeli Guy Yanai (b. 1977), and Mexican G.T. Pellizzi (b. 1978).

On the spirit of the experimental investigations conducted by the selected artists, the design pieces are presented in such a way to transgress their functional aspects: one of the environments of the show, for instance, is created by a wave of chairs designed by Carlos Motta. Strategies such as accumulation and displacement from traditional spaces and uses bring forward the value of such objects as aesthetical pieces that are the fruit of extensive labor and formal research.

The exhibition comprises paintings –a language to which light is of the essence– and sculptural investigations that use optical and luminous elements, like mirrors and light bulbs. This common characteristic inspires the title of the show and establishes a conducting line between practices as distinct as those of Rafael Carneiro and Gustavo Prado, for example.

Gustavo Prado presents installations created with mirrors and industrial machinery. By dislocating certain utilitarian objects to the field of art, the artist creates works that appropriate, in a contemporary way, elements from movements like light art, op-art and kinetic art. Amongst the exhibited works, he will create a site-specific for one of the basement’s industrial refrigerators with different types of industrial mirrors, to which he will incorporate chairs designed by Sergio Rodrigues (1927-2014).

ESPASSO Annex /Luciana Brito – NY Project

Exhibition dates: 03/07 – 04/06/2018

186 Franklin Street, Tribeca

New York, USA, 10013

Photos: Sebastiano Pellion

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