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Carlos Motta and the use of reclaimed wood

Sustainability, ecological responsibility and conservation are crucial concerns in contemporary design, especially in wood production.

Brazilian art and design have traditionally engaged with the re-appropriation of materials and ideas as resource for its cultural production.  In this canon, an innovative dissemination of Brazil’s rich ancestry is exemplified in the utilization of reclaimed Brazilian woods in the practice of some of Brazil’s leading architects and designers.

The work of Carlos Motta, such as his Asturias, Rio Manso and Parati lines, utilizes stocks of reclaimed native Brazilian wood that sometimes date back as far as to the 1800’s; carrying traces of colonial farms and industrial constructions into the clean lines, relaxed and comfortable high-end attitude of Motta’s designs.  In addition to their distinct appearance, the pieces made from reclaimed wood transcend the function of their designs to include a little of Brazil’s history and regional diversity.

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