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Paulistano armchair – A timeless classic

Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha is most known for his revolutionary Brutalist works that earned him the much-honored Pritzker prize in 2006.

Amid the concrete and glass monumental structure of his seminal 1957 Athletic Club of São Paulo, Rocha created the timeless classic Paulistano armchair to grace the club’s gymnasium.  Comprised of a single 17’ bent piece of steel and draped leather or canvas slipcover, Rocha designed the Paulistano armchair with comfort and leisure in mind, and cites both the ‘…weightlessness of an astronaut in outer space, and the laze of the natives lulling on a hammock…’ as inspiration for the gentle sway, ease and minimal lines of his design.

A marker in Brazilian modernism, the Paulistano is now available in a cool charcoal-toned steel base, as an added option to the classic black carbon or stainless steel original, and to the white outdoor Paulistano introduced last year.  Part of the collection at MoMA, NY, the Paulistano is  truly a 20th century design classic that increasingly captivates attention for over 50 years!

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