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Square Nine Hotel by Isay Weinfeld

Promoted as Belgrade’s first world-class luxury concept hotel, the Square Nine Hotel, designed by Isay Weinfeld, offers a sophisticated alternative to the city’s numerous chain hotels.  Located in the historic center of Belgrade, the hotel includes a sun-washed 18-meter lap pool, and, as Weinfeld describes, an “… interior design [that] applies materials such as stone, bronze mirrors and wood cladding, both light and dark colored, resulting in a very cozy ambiance and the most elegant atmosphere.”   Wallpaper included the Square Nine in its short list of  2011 Design Awards, and Spark! honored it with the 2011 Concept Award as well as the 2011 Good Design Award.

Image credits: All images courtesy of Square Nine Hotel. 1. Square Nine Hotel facade; 2. Square Nine Hotel chick-in desk; 3.Square Nine Hotel suite; 4.Square Nine Hotel suite, featuring Mucki bench by Sergio Rodrigues.

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