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Casa da Rua Santa Cruz by Gregori Warchavchich

Projected in 1927 and built in 1928 by Gregori Warchavchic, the Casa da Rua Santa Cruz, in São Paulo, is considered to be the first modernist home built in Brazil.  After immigrating to Brazil in 1923 from Russia, via Italy, Warchavchic designed the house, and all its furnishings, with a modern function in mind.  Featuring a car garage, smaller bedrooms and more convenient kitchen facilities, the Casa da Rua Santa Cruz attests to the pre-war and the Industrial Revolution’s affect on domestic life, as Warchachvich once stated that a residency is a “… machine to live in.”  Recognized as a historical landmark in 1980, the site is now part of the Museu da Cidade de São Paulo. The Gregory Warchcavchic furniture line is reissued by the atelier of Etel Carmona in São Paulo, and available exclusively at ESPASSO.

Image credits: 1 and 2: © Pedro Kok; 3 and 4: Museu da Cidade de São Paulo archive.

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