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New Park “The Gathering Place” Features ESPASSO Pieces

Michael Van Valkenburgh,  world-renowned landscape architect, has designed a new park in Tulsa, Oklahoma that can be considered a transformation in design. Known as “The Gathering Place,” Valkenburgh turned nearly 100 acres of Tulsa’s iconic waterfront along the scenic Arkansas River into a dynamic, interactive environment. The name of the park reveals the guiding vision behind George Kaiser Family Foundation: this is meant to be a democratic space that brings the people of Tulsa together.

ESPASSO is thrilled to be a part of this highly innovative park with pieces by Brazilian designers Carlos Motta and Zanini de Zanine. The armchairs selected to complement the Gathering Place where Motta’s Rio Manso and the Asturias rocking and lounge chairs, as well as Zanine’s Mucuri armchair. All pieces represent an understated yet elegant, unique design that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

George B. Kaiser funded this endeavor with the intention of bringing the citizens of Tulsa closer together through a first-class park. The free-entrance space features communal areas with exquisite attractions open to all. In addition to an exciting array of daytime programs, nighttime use of the Gathering Place is encouraged with eating facilities, dramatic lighting, and venues for movies and other programs.

The Gathering Place

2650 S John Williams Way E, Tulsa, OK 74114

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