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New Brazilian House by Dominic Bradbury

The new book New Brazilian House by Dominic Bradbury, recently published by Thames & Hudson, compiles classic and contemporary houses that exemplify the creative and unique legacy of Brazil’s architecture and design heritage.  With photography by Richard Powers, Bradbury traces the lineage of Brazilian houses spanning from mid-century architecture by Lina Bo Bardi, Oscar Niemeyer and Paulo Mendes da Rocha, furniture design by Sergio Rodrigues and Jorge Zalszupin, and landscape design by Roberto Burle Marx, to contemporary architecture by Isay Weinfeld, Arthur Casas and Marcio Kogan, interior designs by Fernanda Marques and furniture by Carlos Motta and Arthur Casas. Organized in categories such as Iconic Houses, Town, Country and Coast, and with a special dedication to Espasso’s Carlos Junqueira,  New Brazilian Houses offers a survey encapsulating the style and tradition of the Brazilian domestic space.

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