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New arrivals: Limited-edition pieces by Rodrigo Ohtake and Ronald Sasson

New arrivals: Limited-edition stainless steel pieces by  Ronald Sasson and Rodrigo Ohtake


Nin armchair

The real challenge when Ronald Sasson was designing the “Nin” chair lied in how the designer calendered the 6mm backrest steel to achieve its perfect curved angle. Sasson wanted the slim backrest proportions to be seamlessly juxtaposed with the bulkier chair seat to create a unique, yet timeless design piece.

When designing the “Nin”, Sasson had in mind a quote by Anaïs Nin that he believes perfectly translates the way his pieces’ shape and aesthetics come to life when he is designing: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Pouso chair and coffee table

Shape and balance define the “Pouso” armchair and coffee table created by Rodrigo Ohtake.

Though the stainless steel “Pouso” armchair and coffee table have an industrial look to them, they are, in fact, handcrafted pieces by Mekal. They are pieces made with few elements and simple shapes, designed to touch the floor as little as possible.

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