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Monocle – Youthful Spirit: Sergio Rodrigues at Gero

Restaurant Gero, in São Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro, is synonymous with Italian fine-dining at its best.  Part of the esteemed restaurants and hotels of the Fasano Group, Gero has its menu designed by Rogério Fasano, based on classic Italian recipes, and their interiors designed by Aurélio Martinez Flores.  Sergio Rodrigues has provided furniture for many of Fasano Group’s hotels and restaurants and states: “I’m crazy about food. And I love Gero, it’s one of the best restaurants in the city. Whenever I make furniture for a restaurant – like here – I don’t charge, I barter for food.”  Monocle recently took Sergio Rodrigues and his wife Vera Beatriz for a meal at Gero, where Rodrigues talked about design and food in his life, “In a restaurant, the patrons and the atmosphere are as important as the food it serves. What makes for a successful restaurant is the scenography – they are theaters”.  Check entire article and slideshow here.

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