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Klaxon – The Facsimile of Brazil’s Seminal Modernist Magazine

Esteemed Brazilian publishing house Cosac Naify and São Paulo’s ICCo (Instituto de Cultura Contemporânea) have recently launched a facsimile re-edition of  the complete set of the historical landmark monthly Brazilian publication Klaxon. Originally published in 1922, Klaxon marked the official emergence of the Brazilian Modern movement along with the seminal week-long arts festival Semana de 22.  Grouping writers  such as Mário de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Sérgio Buarque de Holanda e Guilherme de Almeida (also responsible for the magazine’s graphic lay-out) Klaxon compiled poetry, essays, music criticism, as each issue also included a printed work of art from prominent Brazilian modern visual artists  – Di Cavalcanti, Victor Brecheret, John Graz, to name a few.  

Borrowing its name from the american car horn brand, Klaxon was the first compilation of current works by modernists, as it was also one of the first printed vehicles for advertisement in Brazil.  ICCo’s Daniel Rangel led the project and writes: “The journal was the first action taken after the 1922 Modern Art Week… in an attempt to give a national identity to art in Brazil and to instigate a break from the traditional European schools.  The journal Klaxon continued with this spirit of change by seeking a new graphic language, and it became a classic of Brazilian design.”

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