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Jorge Zalszupin at Museu Oscar Niemeyer

From March 23 to June 24 the Museu Oscar Niemeyer in Curitiba will house a retrospective of the work of celebrated Brazilian designer, Jorge Zalsupin.  Born in Poland, Zalsupin went to Romenia in 1922 where he completed his architecture degree.  In 1949, propelled by some photos he had seen in a French architectural magazine, he relocated to Rio de Janeiro.  Unable to find work in Rio, Zalsupin moved to São Paulo after receiving an irrefusable job offer.  In São Paulo Zaulspin constructed his long, celebrated career; first as an architect then, due to a lack of proper furniture to fill his newly created spaces, as a self-trained furniture designer.  Spanning more than 60 years, Zalsupin’s unique oeuvre is an elegantly playful amalgam of beautiful Brazilian woods, metals, and leathers, which together work to create some of the best Brazilian design has to offer.

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