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Isay Weinfeld’s Hotel Fasano Las Piedras

Located in Puenta Del Este, in Brazil’s neighboring Uruguay, Fasano Las Piedras is a hospitality complex that combines private homes, hotel bungalows and spa amenities (spa, equestrian center, golf and polo fields, etc.) in 1,185 acres of beautiful open landscape. Gracing this month’s cover of French periodical L’Officiel Voyage and projected by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, in collaboration with Domingos Pascali, the Fasano Las Piedras perfectly integrates with its setting, unobtrusively composing a simultaneously luxurious and rustic site. Weinfeld notes:  ‘Upon our arrival for the first land reconnaissance visit, we had no doubt that those buildings and the rustic and unique workmanship element– should be preserved. The detailed study of the program/client brief led us to resort to scattering the units as isolated modules that “landed naturally” on the terrain, just the rocks themselves’.

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