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Etel Interiores: The Constantine Mosque by Oscar Niemeyer

On view through April 23rd at the Etel Interiores showroom in São Paulo, is the exhibition Oscar Niemeyer: Mesquita de Constantina (Oscar Niemeyer: Mosque of Constantine).  The exhibition displays Niemeyer sketches from the 1960’s of the architectural projects he projected in Algeria, such as the Constantine University campus, founded in 1969.  Niemeyer fled Brazil in the early 1960’s, after the country’s military takeover, exiling in France, during which period he spent time in Algeria, leaving his handprint in several architectural projects in the country.  Niemeyer recalls Algeria in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s:  “I liked Algeria very much, the occurred metamorphosis, the conquered freedom.  This I felt on the euphoria and smile of their people, until recently oppressed and humiliated.  The pleasure of victory was found everywhere.  In the busy cafés, in the streets and city squares…”

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