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O Estado de São Paulo – Carlos Junqueira Interview

Architecture and design journalist Marcelo Lima interviewed ESPASSO’s principal Carlos Junqueira for the Lifestyle Home & Decor section  of Brazilian newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.  In the interview, titled ‘Entrepreneur Brings Niemeyer to New York’, Junqueira expresses the significance of launching the re-edition of Oscar Niemeyer furniture pieces in the US, the concurrent launch of new re-editions by Niemeyer’s contemporary Jorge Zalszupin, and the captivating features and details of bothe masters’ work: “The public is very enthusiastic and surprised.  Firstly for not knowing the design of Niemeyer and, some, by Zalszupin.  The curves and the way Niemeyer uses the wood in his furniture generated a lot of excitment, especially in his lacquered wood pieces.  The hand carpentry of Zalsuzpin’s works, the sophistication of materials and, above all, the details – such as the wooden buttons on the upholsteries – also grabbed people’s attention.  We were also surprised in the many comments as to how Niemeyer’s aesthetic is very contemporary.  In respect to one of his armchairs, one of our clients affirmed: ‘The Alta is so New York!’” Junqueira comments. Check out entire interview an slideshow here.

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