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ESPASSO’s Em Trânsito Exhibition Opens at The Shore Club, Miami

Opening to the public today, concurrent to the bustling events, exhibitions and parties surrounding Art Basel Miami and Design Miami 2014, is the exhibition Em Trânsito, organized by ESPASSO and co-hosted by Wallpaper* magazine and The Shore Club.  Em Trânsito gathers mid-century reissues, special limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces by some of the most celebrated 20th century Brazilian architects and designers.  With aims to share treasures from the past and present, some of  the exhibition’s highlights include the US launch of the ON desk re-edition, originally designed by legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer in the 1990’s, and of the Anette armchair and ottoman designed by Jorge Zalszupin in the 1960’s.  Other freshly launched re-editions are the Moleca armchair and ottoman by Sergio Rodrigues, and the special 60-year anniversary edition of his iconic Mocho stool.  Contemporary designs include the captivating Grude armchair by Fernando Mendes, the sculptural Concreto bench by Claudia Moreira Salles, impressive solid wood hand-crafted pieces by Zanini de Zanine, the quirky Farmacinha cabinet by Isay Weinfeld, the elegant Suchus stool by Etel Carmona and the show-stopper Pinda armchair by Carlos Motta. Em Transito will be on view through December 7th from 11am to 7pm, and through January 8th by appointment.

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