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Eliseu Cavalcante: Esperança Terena at Americas Society/Council of the Americas, NY

New photographic works by Eliseu Cavalcante will be displayed at the Americas Society New York Headquarters, along a cocktail reception, this coming Thursday, July 10th, 6:30 – 8:00pm.  Exhibited are a selection of photographs from Cavalcante’s Esperança Terena project that documents the Fazenda Esperança site, after the Terena tribe reclaimed its land back from ranchers: “The photographs in this project were taken in July 2013, when Brazilian photographer Eliseu Cavalcante went to Fazenda Esperança right after the Terena tribe took over the land from the ranchers. The whole area was closed to non-indigenous people at the time. Cavalcante was able to stay thanks to the trust and generosity of the tribe members. The images show the lives of these people: a mix of hope, spirituality, and a constant threat of losing their land once again.” Check out more information on the project and event here.

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