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‘Diálogo’ – Sergio Rodrigues and Fernando Mendes exhibition

Opening on April 4th at Casa Electrolux, in São Paulo, is the exhibition Diálogo which will present pieces by master Sergio Rodrigues and Fernando Mendes, Rodrigues’ nephew and long-time collaborator.  Curated by Sergio Zobaran e Walton Hoffmann, the exhibition unites never-before-seen pieces, new re-editions and prompts an intergenerational dialogue between modern and contemporary design and production vis-à-vis the legacy shared between Rodrigues and Mendes, evident in the utmost craftsmanship and signature aesthetics of the 12 pieces showcased in the exhibition.

Highlights include Rodrigues’ new Xibô armchair, designed in 2013 as a sister piece to his famed Kilin armchair, the re-edition of the Cuiabá armchair, 1985, and the Fernando armchair, 2012, named as an hommage to Fernando Mendes. Mendes also shows some of his new designs such as the Rê armchair and the Beatriz sideboard, both from 2013, the elegant Ventura armchair, a commissioned piece from 2012, among recognizable pieces from his career like the Santos Dumont and the Aviador armchairs.

All exhibited pieces will soon be launched at ESPASSO, further encompassing the range of both Rodrigues’ and Mendes’ ouvres within the ESPASSO collection.

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