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Claudia Moreira Salles’ Tangente Bench receives W Award

The recipients of the 2014 W award in architecture and design were announced this week in São Paulo, awarding diverse projects in 6 categories (Corporative Architecture, Residential Architecture, Corporative Interiors, Residential Interiors, Public Space and Furniture) as part of an initiative by Insituto São Paulo de Arte e Cultura, the Ministry of Culture and higher education institution FAAP.  Claudia Moreira Salles‘ beautiful and sculptural Tangente bench took home first prize in the furniture category, which will be exhibited at FAAP, along the other awarded projects, through December 8th.  An exercise in geometry and balance, emphasized by a mixture of the warm, rough surface of the wood, the satiny coolness of the limestone rectangle and the smooth but gravel-studded concrete surface, the Tangente is exemplary of Salles’ simultaneously artistic and industrial approach and sensibility, in an unexpected combination of materials and forms; as Salles describes: “The layout resembled a constructivist composition and I wanted an element that traversed the space”.

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