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Claudia Moreira Salles exhibition and book launch at ESPASSO NY

Last Thursday ESPASSO NY  opened the first solo exhibition of Claudia Moreira Salles in the US, unveiling several new pieces by one of the most important Brazilian designers working today.  The complete exhibition will be on view until June 2nd, and exemplifies  Salles’ refined and thoughtful practice that combines her technical and artistic expertise to blur the line between function and beauty. Drawing from industrial and organic materials, minimalist forms and traditional Brazilian woodwork techniques, some of the exhibition highlights include the sculptural Deslocado  and Tangente benches, employing solid woods, limestone and concrete, the interactive Bilhas and Limalha coffee tables, and the beautiful and impressive Cancan  and B1 dining tables, among other new standout pieces,  as well as contemporary classics from her career as the Cubo Libre coffee table and the Cosme Velho armchair.  Salles also signed copies of a new monograph on her work published by BEI Editoras, with a forward written by Karen Stein.

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