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Design Elements – Claudia Moreira Salles

Claudia Moreira Salles is internationally known for the clever architectural quality of her work. Her furniture pieces are impeccably crafted by marrying the simplicity and rationality of industrial products with the richness of Brazilian native woods. Her goal is to always bring balance and visual lightness to her creations.

Her designs also tend to present a surprise element that brings extra desirability to her unique pieces. Some interior designers’ favorites are the movable magnetic wood knob from the “Secreta” coffee table that reveals a hidden drawer inside its box, the disguisable hooks from the sculptural “Stand By” coat hangers, as well as the sliding tray on the “Deslize” coffee tables that hide a storage compartment.

Claudia describes herself as a designer who is “always testing the limits of traditional craft techniques with a contemporary design language”. Her exquisite design and constant innovation in the way she works with materials such as concrete, limestone, and even the rare niobium metal, have made her one of the most important contemporary Brazilian designers.

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