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Casa e Jardim – Carlos Motta’s Asturias Armchair

Named after a beach on the coast of São Paulo, Carlos Motta‘s Asturias armchair have become a contemporary classic since he designed it in 2001.  Available as a rocking or fixed armchair, Motta conceived the Asturias to have the least environmental impact in its fabrication: aside from using no industrialized products, such as varnish, glue or sandpaper, the design of the Asturias calls for a more traditional carpentry, where solid woods are fit with mortises and tenons and use few and simple machine cuts to reduce the use of equipments and electrical power to a minimum.  Gracing this month’s cover of Casa e Jardim, home and garden decor Brazilian magazine, the Asturias rocking armchairs are seen in a tropical beach house backyard in Cambury beach in São Paulo, designed 14 years ago by architect Gui Mattos, freshly remodeled by Fabiana Avanzi.

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