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Robb Report Home & Style – Beauty and the Beach

Studio Arthur Casas‘ beautiful residential project in São Paulo coast’s Praia da Baleia  graces the cover of the Summer issue of Robb Report Home & Style.  The 6,200 sq. ft. villa features Casas’ signatures clean geometry, open space and environmental awareness, seen in his use of local materials and ingenious solutions.  Part of the villa’s cooling system is regulated by adjustable louvered Cumaru wood walls and vents, and strategic landscape design: as the grass atop the living room’s roof helps maintain the house cool, provides shade and serves as a lawn.

Casas custom designed several pieces for the villa’s interior, such as the living room sofa and coffee table, interspersed among classic modern Brazilian pieces as Sergio Rodrigues‘ Mole armchair, as an iconic vintage armchair by Jean Gillon accentuates the bedroom.  Full articled can be read here.

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