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At Home with Jorge Zalszupin

90-year-old  Jorge Zalszupin was born in Warsaw, Poland, and immigrated to São Paulo in 1949, where he established himself as one of the main voices in Brazilian modern design and architecture.  Initiating the seminal L’Atelier woodshop in 1955, Zalszupin has designed some of the most recognizable and sought after Brazilian mid-century furniture, as well as several architectural projects – both commercial and residential – dispersed in the S.P. capital.

On a recent visit to Jorge Zalszupin’s own home in São Paulo, which he designed and built in the 1950’s, his life trajectory was easily identified  through the decor and architecture of the site: modern elements and clean lines – seen in the curved slatted wooden ceiling  and floating fireplace –  commingle with more rustic Old-World  aspects – such as a stonewall, exposed wooden beams and spanish tiling.  At times conjuring an Eastern European fairy-tale abode, at times an ultra-modern setting  (complete with tropical psychedelic notes), details around every corner reveal Zalszupin’s unique sensibility and aesthetics that embrace a warm, cozy and eclectic atmosphere.

While assorted paintings, hung salon-style, and intricate spreads of knick-knacks and objet d’arts may guide you through Zalsuzpin’s cheerful lifestyle, original furniture pieces from his oeuvre, such as the Paulistana and the Dinamarquesa armchairs, accentuate his living room.  Allowing an entryway to the original context in which these pieces existed, unexpected elements are revealed: as the vermillion and black floral brocade used to upholster the Paulistana, or the leopard-print throw pillow and colorful embroidery adorning the Dinamarquesa .

Zalszupin’s iconic furniture designs are presently re-edited, with the utmost craftsmanship and FSC-Certified woods, by the atelier of Etel Carmona in São Paulo, and are available in Europe and the US exclusively at ESPASSO.

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