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Arthur Casas wins competetion to revitalize Salvador’s Pelourinho historic center

Studio Arthur Casas won first place in the competition of revitalizing historic center Pelourinho in Salvador, Bahia.

Appointed by UNESCO as a Historic Cultural Landmark, Pelourinho was the colonial center of  Brazil’s first capital, Salvador (one of the first cities of the New World, founded in 1594), constituted of several interconnecting squares replete with national cultural treasures. The Pelourinho complex, meaning pillory in Portuguese, carries loaded history of the African diaspora in Brazil via European colonialism, as its consequential syncretism is found throughout its cobblestones corridors.

The revitalization will involve the ‘symbolic and historical connection between project and site’ as it proposes a social intervention on the area by approaching it with a ‘transformative perspective that considers the responsible factors of the resurfacing and current decline of the historic site.’

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