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Monocle – Zanini de Zanine


Zanini de Zanine opened the doors of his atelier for the current issue of Monocle, revealing his methodology, materials and processes of choice and his intrinsic relation to wood, due to his growing up watching his father, seminal furniture designer and … Continue reading

Interni – The Timeless Quality of Claudia Moreira Salles


In the current issue of Italian design and architecture magazine Interni, Albrecht Bangert interviews Brazilian furniture designer Claudia Moreira Salles about her celebrated career, use of reclaimed and industrial materials, and her poetic approach.  Check out full interview and slideshow here.

Marepe at Anton Kern Gallery, NY


The third solo exhibition of  Brazilian artist Marepe at Anton Kern Gallery opened in Chelsea, NY, last month.  The exhibition continues Marepe’s poetic investigation through the formal manipulation of everyday, ready-made objects where bicycles, plastic baskets and wheelbarrows are transfigured … Continue reading


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