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Brazilian design in Max Payne 3


Set in São Paulo, the third title of video game franchise Max Payne sees its title character shooting his way in and out of the city’s urban landscape, favelas and luxury high-rises. The imaginary of Brazilian violence is exploited as … Continue reading

Niemeyer in 3D


As part of Visionaire magazine’s upcoming September Rio de Janeiro issue, a limited edition portfolio will be published featuring 10 anaglyphic 3D images of some of Oscar Niemeyer’s most iconic buildings.  Produced in collaboration with art seller website Paddle 8 … Continue reading

Julio Bittencourt at ESPASSO NY


On view at ESPASSO NY are new prints from Julio Bittencourt’s 3-year project In a Window of Prestes Maia 911 Building, which documented residents of a squatted building in São Paulo through the windows of their apartment.  In an effective voyeuristic tableaux, conjuring Hitchcock’s Rear … Continue reading


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