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‘Mocho’ stool by Sergio Rodrigues


Designed by Sergio Rodrigues in 1954, the Mocho stool takes aesthetic and functional cues from a traditional cow-milking stool.  The Mocho features a seat and legs sculpted out of solid Beech, shaped in Rodrigues’ signature bulbous form, which is itself … Continue reading

Sergio Rodrigues shop in shop LA


ESPASSO SERGIO RODRIGUES LA The West Coast’s first Sergio Rodrigues shop-in-shop, featuring a full range of furniture by the iconic Brazilian designer, featuring an extensive selection of re-editions.  The shop marks a return to the West Coast for Sergio Rodrigues … Continue reading

Gregori Warchavchic line


Designed in the 1930’s, Gregori Warchavchic’s pieces in many ways represent the beginning of the Modern era in Brazil. With Art Deco influences, Warchavchic’s use of Brazilian woods and cultural references heighten the elegance and poise of his pieces, all of … Continue reading

Roberto Burle Marx at Rooster Gallery


Considered one of the most influential landscape architects of the 20th Century, Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994) has produced many interdisciplinary works, which push the boundaries of his vision into various genres.  From January 26th to March 4th, Lower East Side’s … Continue reading

Square Nine Hotel by Isay Weinfeld


Promoted as Belgrade’s first world-class luxury concept hotel, the Square Nine Hotel, designed by Isay Weinfeld, offers a sophisticated alternative to the city’s numerous chain hotels.  Located in the historic center of Belgrade, the hotel includes a sun-washed 18-meter lap … Continue reading

‘Mesas’ by Arthur Casas


Designed by Arthur Casas for Etel Carmona the delicate Mesas collection forms an archipelago that can be playfully arranged in a number of configurations.  The sinuous lines of the Mesas evoke the mid-century modern aesthetic while referencing the rich Brazilian … Continue reading

A Música Segundo Tom Jobim


Recently released in Brazil, the feature A Música Segundo Tom Jobim partners award winning film director and precursor of  Cinema Novo, Nelson Pereira dos Santos with  filmmaker Dora Jobim, Tom Jobim’s granddaughter. The film is solely compiled of past live … Continue reading


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